Kalamata Sourdough

I am not a fan of olives at all but whilst in Edinburgh last month and visiting the lovely people at Breadshare, I tried their sourdoughContinue reading

New York Rye

As a special treat for the Easter table I made some Rye Caraway loaves, a.k.a. New York Rye. This is a very caraway-y bread soContinue reading

Milk buns

I think it’s fair to say I have a very soft spot for Milk bread. Growing up, little milk buns were a special treat saved forContinue reading


If you ever fancy a nice crunchy crust and a light, fluffy crumb, this is the bun for you. This bread just sings of yummyContinue reading

A table full

Today was a busy day. I had a few requests for bagels, wholemeal rolls, tiger rolls and loaf and some hot cross buns. I alsoContinue reading

Three loaves

As a sandwich bread I still find the square loaf quite the go to shape: easy to fill and to carry, it’s a safe betContinue reading

Hot Cross Buns

This year Easter comes really early. I had this idea of trying a few recipes until I found a delicious Hot Cross Bun so IContinue reading

The Mill Loaf

This is what a loaf weighting 1.8kgs looks like. I was given a 1.5 proofing basket over Christmas and had been waiting on an opportunityContinue reading

Danish Rye

This was a special request from a Danish colleague at work: “Can you make a Rye bread that’s like the ones we eat in Denmark?” LuckilyContinue reading

Spelt Sourdough

Spelt is a wonderful, nutty flour. When I first started baking for friends and colleagues I ordered a few bags of this convinced that aContinue reading

White Sourdough

This bread’s flavour takes me back to my childhood. It’s something that I can’t get tired of eating and that, since I have learned toContinue reading

Wholemeal loaf

If you had asked me a few years ago if I liked wholemeal bread, the answer would have been a perfunctory No. I am notContinue reading

Tiger Bread

Tiger bread has always been a strong favourite of mine but, oddly enough, one that I had never tried to make. Last weekend the husbandContinue reading